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We help business owners incorporate their business with a share structure that considers future opportunities for tax planning. We  guide our business clients with the legal advice they need to understand how to maximize the business owner's liability protection.

Any business owned by more than one person needs a shareholder agreement to establish the ground rules and an exit strategy for the business. Without a shareholder agreement your business is at serious risk of financial damage if something unexpected happens to one of the owners, including divorce, disabiliity, or death. Having an exit strategy for life's unexpected events is critical to the financial success of your business. 

As your business grows we are here to advise you on the many legal issues that business owners face, whether it is regulatory compliance, debt collection, employee issues, business agreements, and any other aspect of running your business. 


Expanding your business operations across the Canada - US border can be a daunting undertaking when it comes to deciding entity structure and the steps you need to take to comply in a different regulatory environment.

As part of our cross border business legal services, we help guide you in deciding what state to set up your business, what entity structure to choose, and the next steps after incorporating a US company.

We will also connect you with other trusted advisors for figuring out other aspects of operating a cross border business, such as moving employees to the US, business visas, US tax reporting issues, and other compliance issues.

Seeking legal advice early on in the expansion process is imperative for ensuring the success of your business operations in the US.


We understand that your business' brand is a vital component of your success. We also understand that developing a trademark strategy early in the branding process is vital to your ability to successfully protect your brand.

We offer trademark strategy services to help you develop the strongest brands, and once your plan is set we can help you with protecting your brand through trademark registration services in both the US and Canada.

As part of our commitment to providing affordable legal advice to our small business clients, we offer a complimentary knock out search for trademarks that you are considering in your branding strategies. If we find a direct match then we will advise you to move on and come up with another brand. We will not charge legal fees for a trademark search until a knockout search comes back with promising results. 


As your business grows, protecting your business assets becomes an important aspect of limiliting your exposure to creditors and litigation.

We advise our small business clients on how to lawfully  restructure their company to significantly reduce their exposure to future creditors while maintaining a tax efficient structure.

In order to protect your business assets, any asset protection plan needs to be implemented before a debt or liability exists, therefore it is important to discuss this with your business lawyer early on in your business' growth phase.


We help explain in plain language the meaning and legal consequence of your business agreements and contracts.

We can either review the entire agreement or just the parts that you need explained.

We also prepare all of the types of business agreements and documents that business owners need. Our services include preparing customized business service agreements, independent contractor agreements, licensing agreements, employee agreements, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, distribution agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, cease and desist letters, and any other type of business contract. 


Whether you are just starting your business or are well into it, every business owner needs a business succession plan with a clear exit strategy, and a plan for dealing with unexpected life events.

We help our clients set up their business and estate planning documents to help prepare for the expected and unexpected.

The first step in any business succession plan, is getting your will in place along with a corporate power of attorney. Without a will your executor may be required to get a court order to deal with your company and its assets. These types of delays can result in your company losing money and even potentially being in breach of business contracts. Having a will that deals with giving your executor legal authority to deal with your company assets would save time and money in the long run.